Thursday, 31 March 2011

Here's An Idea For A Laugh

I've been having a halfhearted chuckle to myself this morning. I listened to Woman's Hour and the marketing professional talking about how to distinguish yourself and grow your business. Yet again, we heard the stance of those for whom marketing means spending money, often other people's money.

Oh, what joy it would be if Woman's Hour would dedicate time to explaining to those of us running, or trying to run very small businesses from our kitchen tables, how we might also differentiate ourselves from the competition, find new contacts and new customers, not so much with the investment of half a million, more with twenty quid scraped form the housekeeping this month.

I just love listening to marketing luvvies telling us what we should be doing. So I had this idea. If they're really so clever, let's give them the chance to market one or two of our businesses, using just the resources we have. I'd love to see how they'd do it. No cheating mind - they wouldn't be allowed to tap into their contacts book - only our contacts book.

Because, lets face it, any old marketing manager can throw a few thousand at a campaign and get results, but it takes real skill and wily cunning to do it on a shoe-string. In fact, I think if I ever went back into corporate land, I'd insist that anyone looking for a job with me, first had to put together a marketing plan for a teeny weeny business for less than £50.

Do you think it could be done? I'd love to see them try.

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