Saturday, 20 November 2010

Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration - Thank You Brené Brown

Do you ever get the feeling that something important, something maybe even life changing has happened to you? I'm not really thinking about the obviously life-changing events, like giving birth, or winning the lottery. No, what I mean is the feeling you get from time to time when you hear something that resonates with you and discover that you're not alone? Or when you read something and suddenly it's like a light going on in your brain and something that hadn't made sense to you before is now clear as day.

Well this week, amid migraines, work and the rest of it, I think I've had one of those transformational moments.

It started when I followed up a post on a blog I like to read from Gretchen Rubin's wonderful Happiness Project Blog. You can go to the particular post if you click here. Half way through, Emily McKhann mentions Brené Brown. Now I'd never heard of Brené before, but the comments about living courageously and imperfectly resonated so loud with me and my mid-life journey, that I had to take a look.

I'm so glad that I did. I've now discovered Brené's website, her books and her blog and I have a really warm sensation that I've found a new piece to add to my life jigsaw puzzle.

Now I think it's going to be quite a challenge, I've been listening to read-along podcasts, without the books - (they're on order!), which is kind of interesting in itself, but I still know that it's going to be worthwhile. I believe I've taken another important step this week.

One of the things Brené does on her blog is to ask her readers to answer three questions - 1) Who are you trusting today, 2) What are you grateful for today and 3) What is inspiring you today.

So today, I have to say I'm trusting myself, because although I know I need lots of support and I respect all the people close to me who're there for me, ultimately I have to make this journey myself and trust myself to find the right path.

I'm enormously grateful to the internet, because without it, I'd never have found people like Brené. I'd never have had that moment of connection and realised that I'm not alone.

And I'm inspired by Brené, because she wasn't afraid - well actually I think she was afraid, but she did it anyway - to tell her story so that the rest of us could take heart, learn and move forward.

I do hope that if you're thinking about life in a similar way right now, you'll have a look at her website and see for yourself if her thoughts are helpful to you too.

See Brené talking here.

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