Monday, 1 November 2010

De-clutter is a disaster.

Well I've decided to forget about daily de-cluttering for a while, it's just not something you can do, well at least it's not something I can do, while I have the children and/or husband at home. My time seems to be much more focussed on the regular provision of food, clean clothes and an 'on-demand' taxi service.

Any attempt to enthuse the others with my de-cluttering passion has fallen on deaf ears. Indeed the children managed both to not hear and provide a 'what us? you must be mad' kind of sneer at the same time.

So although they've gone back to school this week, I don't think I'll be resurrecting the mission just yet.  If I have an idle moment, I might have a quick purge on the area closest to me - no need to worry, I'm not spoilt for choice - but I'm not going to be allocating time specifically for the purpose.

One small, but gratifying success to record however, I have cleared and what's more, kept clear, the top of the cupboard where I keep my art materials. Might not sound much, but in this house a tidy and clear worktop, table top or shelf, is pretty well guaranteed to be covered by a new pile of detritus with a speed that would astonish you. In fact, I think scientists should study this phenomena. It's the only 'law of attraction' that I can say I one hundred percent agree with.

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