Thursday, 14 October 2010

Calling All Time Wasters

You know how it is, there's work to be done, you're almost in the mood, all it takes now is a few minutes of concentration and you'll be off and flying. And then what happens?

You take a sneaky peak at your emails; there's an offer from Amazon, you have a quick look, it's not exactly what you want, but just while you scan the contents you notice something else that's right up your street, you go there and have a good look. You're not sure, so you read the reviews, can you trust them? Read some more just in case. Google the product and see what other people think. See alternatives and follow them up too.

Oh my, the coffee has gone cold and it's half an hour later than you thought.

Back to work. This time you mean business. You crack on.

The post arrives. Better go and see what's there, hope there's nothing from HMRC. Oh look, a catalogue from the holiday cottage people. Just pop the kettle on and have a fresh cup of coffee while you skim through and mentally plan your next holiday - Devon or Dorset, you wonder. 

The phone rings, it's that friend you should have called last week, you feel a bit guilty, you haven't got time to chat now, but if you cut her short, she'll be hurt. You chat on, and on.

Good heavens, is that really the time? Now you're up against it. Is there still time to get it all done?

You try to focus, you try to think straight, but you brain will keep wandering off. Come back! I must get this done, you tell yourself. And now the clock is ticking and you know that in an hour you'll have to go and pick up your child from school. What will you cook for dinner tonight? What's in the freezer? Is it too late to defrost it now?

Stop, stop, stop. Just settle down, you've still got time. OK, now you're focussed, it's going well. There's still a chance.

The doorbell rings. Ignore it. No, he's peering through the window, he knows you're there. It's the electric man, 'can he read your meter?' How can you refuse?

You find the garage key, move the car that's blocking the garage door, open up, pull out four bikes of various sizes that live propped up against the wall, under the electricity meter... 'Thanks' - 'No problem'.

You put back the bikes, close the door, move the car.

Look at the time! Where's it all gone?

What can you do now? Oh to hell with it, put the kettle on and make another drink, that's all there's time for now.

Sound at all familiar?

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